Nuffield STEM 2007

Project head: Cris Edgell 

Nuffield STEM projects are based on a cross-curricular skills-led approach, encouraging group work, reflective learning and application of STEM. They motivate students, develop their learning skills, and give them the opportunity to tackle authentic, complex problems in Science, Maths and D&T over an extended period of time. All of our STEM materials are freely available to download via our Nuffield STEM website

Our STEM projects were developed in response to the 2006 UK lower secondary curriculum, which emphasised the need for a skills-based approach to learning in addition to the traditional knowledge-based approach. It called for greater collaboration between school departments to enable better cross-curricular experiences.


Pupils are challenged to explore a positive sustainable future based on the principles of closed loop systems in nature. 

  • Five pods totalling 28 hours teaching time. 
  • Topics include waste, cars and climate change
  • Includes a pupil project for independent investigation and presentation.

Sample video from STEM Futures - Speck the alien shows children how nature recycles


Inspired by London 2012, Games activities explore fitness, fairness and the design of sports equipment. There are four pods totalling 16 hours of timetabled or off-curriculum learning. 

  • Up to the mark - how do training and practice improve fitness, techniques and strategy?
  • In top gear - how have technological changes to equipment and sportswear improved performance?
  • Game on - pupils design a new game with fair rules and an effective scoring system.