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Our funding requirements

We have several different funds. Answer the questions below to find out if you are eligible for Nuffield Foundation funding.


Question 1/6

1. Are you employed by or affiliated with a UK-based institution or organisation?

Unfortunately, you don't meet our requirements
We only make grants to organisations and institutions that are based in the UK. Applicants must be employed by, or affiliated to, the organisation that will receive the grant.

Question 2/6

2. Is your research project being considered by other funders?


Question 3/6

3. Are you a school, further education, undergraduate, masters or PhD student?

Doesn’t meet our requirements
We do not accept grant applications from school, undergraduate or Masters students or where the main purpose is to support a PhD. You might be interested in our POST Fellowship for PhD students.

Question 4/6

4. Is your research question relevant to at least one of our three core domains of education, welfare or justice?


Question 5/6

5. Is your research project large-scale and multidisciplinary, requiring funding upwards of £1 millon?

Eligibility for Nuffield Foundation funding

We prioritise rigorous research, development and analysis projects that improve the design and operation of social policy. Answering these questions will help identify whether your project is eligible for funding.
Fill out your information to find out

Unfortunately, you are currently ineligible for Nuffield Foundation funding.

Sorry, you do not meet our funding requirements.
For more information, read our Guide for Applicants which contains detailed information about our funding priorities and eligibility criteria.

Good news, you may be eligible for Nuffield Foundation funding.

Based on your responses, it’s likely that your project is eligible for our

Next steps

In 2018, we provided

£12.9 million

for social research projects

The Nuffield Foundation’s purpose is to advance social well-being and educational opportunity across the UK. We want to improve people’s lives and their ability to participate in society, through better understanding of the social, economic, technological and demographic factors that affect their chances in life. One of the ways we do this is by funding research that will inform the design and operation of social policy.

Our funds


Research, Development & Analysis Fund

Our Research, Development & Analysis Fund focuses on our three core domains of  Education, Welfare and Justice, as well as areas that cut across them.

Next outline application deadline:
14 September 2020
Apply now


Strategic Fund

We are calling for applications to our new Strategic Fund for ambitious, interdisciplinary research projects that will address some of the most important challenges facing UK society and the public policy agenda in the next decade.

Next outline application deadline:
Apply now


Oliver Bird Fund

The Oliver Bird Fund aims to improve the lives of people living with musculoskeletal conditions by funding interrelated policy, practice and research activities.

Find out more