Nuffield Primary History

Directors: Jon Nichol, John Fines, Jacqui Dean and Ray Verrier

The Nuffield Primary History principle is that everything published has been taught by teachers or the team. Lessons take the form of a narrative based on work with children. Many lessons were produced by teachers on professional development courses.

Resources include notes on teaching approaches exemplified by over a hundred lessons and short lessons. There is also advice on leading history in primary schools.

Nuffield Primary History principles

Pupils study a few well-chosen authentic materials in depth. Learning is made accessible to all children by starting with what they know and can do, something they can identify with, and building on that.

Questions challenge pupils to tackle real issues and important questions – to speculate, debate, and make connections. They have plenty of opportunity to practise communication skills, speaking and listening, reading and writing.

Resources and outcomes

Teaching Primary History published by a commercial publisher was very influential, especially in initial teacher training.

However the project was better served by non-commercial publishing through the Nuffield Primary History website, with over 150,000 unique visitors a year most of them from Britain. Thinking about teaching and learning in primary history continues to be dominated by the work of the Nuffield Primary History project.

All the resources continue to be freely available to all on the Historical Association website, and work continues via the Primary History journal.