Nuffield Modular Sciences

Director: Andrew Hunt

The Nuffield Modular Sciences project produced resources to support the very large number of schools following the northern examining board modular GCSE science course.

The programme was modular. Each module was divided into a series of episodes. The episode structure allowed everyone in a class to keep in step while tackling learning tasks appropriate to his or her level of performance.

Nuffield Modular Science

Multi-media on paper

The aim was to give GCSE pupils the kind of constructive and rewarding role in their learning which the project team had in producing the resources. The resources were produced just before online publishing became possible, and have been described as multi-media on paper.


Schools that adopted the resources used them very effectively, but there were only about 200 of them. Those involved in the project, both developers and teachers, have had leading roles in subsequent Nuffield and other projects. The resources were extensively plundered by other Nuffield projects including Twenty First Century Science.

Resources (Pathways through Science) were provided separately for each of 13 modules covering such topics as ‘Forces’, ‘Making materials’, and ‘Environment’, with a magazine-style sourcebook, activities and teachers’ notes, and a commentary so students could check their own answers. 

Also on the web

Download the resources from the STEM Centre website. See the introduction to the teachers’ notes for each module.

Nuffield Pathways through Science