Nuffield Home Economics 1977

Editors: Sharon Mansell, Harry Faulkner, Marie Edwards

This course was for pupils aged 11-13 and 14-16. It encouraged a scientific, investigative approach to technology education rather than a design-led approach, and aimed to raise the status of a craft subject.


The subject was divided into four areas of study: Food science, Nutrition, Fibres and fabrics, and People and homes. Topics included were central to the teaching of Home Economics and realistic in schools with existing facilities. They were inclusive in a multi-cultural society and indicated career possibilities.

The books and activity sheets were published in 1982–4. They sold well because it was the first time that the subject had quality textbooks. Some of the practical activities were adapted for use in Nuffield Modular Science. Home Economics largely disappeared with the redefinition of technological subjects as Design & Technology.

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