Graded Assessment in Mathematics (GAIM) 1992

Director: Margaret Brown

GAIM was a teacher assessment scheme for pupils age 11–16 (years 7 to 11). It used the framework of levels 2–10 in the Maths National Curriculum to enable teachers to provide student profiles. It was designed for use alongside any teaching scheme, and helped prepare students for Key Stage 3 SATS, and GCSE and other awards.

GAIM materials
Formative assessment

GAIM introduced continuous assessment into normal classroom practice. The scheme actively encouraged teaching and learning through practical problem-solving and investigations. It involved students in their own assessment and record-keeping.

Teachers could receive training and help with moderation, and there were opportunities for contact with other schools.


GAIM had a strong influence on national policy, providing the content and structure for the National Curriculum.


Eighty GAIM activities were published commercially.

Twenty of the GAIM resources were revised and published by the Nuffield Foundation in 2010 as Applying Mathematical Processes (AMP). Content includes ‘Every second counts’ – determining how far it is possible to travel in an hour, ‘Emergency shelter’ – choosing and interpreting data, measuring, and using scale drawings; and ‘Stacks’ – exploring and describing patterns in numbers.