Extended Project Qualification 2009

Author: Mary James

Students doing traditional A-levels often need to develop their skills as autonomous learners in order to do well at university.

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An EPQ course focussing on a topic in which they are interested helps them to develop their research and project management skills including: 

  • planning and time management  
  • identifying and evaluating resources and using the internet effectively 
  • recording and analysing data  
  • producing the project product including a written report 
  • making a presentation.

The EPQ assesses the process the students have gone through rather than just the final outcome.

Working in partnership with Gatsby Technical Education Projects, the Nuffield Foundation developed a resource for A-level Extended Project Qualifications (EPQs). This covers all subjects and draws on the skill development work of the Learning Skills for Science project

Also on the web

The EPQ student companion and supervisor pack are available to buy from the Nelson Thornes website >>