Enhancing Mathematics teaching with the interactive whiteboard

Interactive whiteboards have been introduced into schools in the UK to enhance the ease with which teachers can readily incorporate computer and multi-media technology into lesson planning and delivery. Research indicated that, unless the use of the interactive whiteboard is supported by carefully developed materials, teachers will either use them as conventional boards with little impact on teaching effectiveness, or spend a great deal of time in the preparation of materials to the detriment of other lesson planning and student assessment work.

The broad aim of this project was to develop secondary mathematics interactive whiteboard (IAW) materials, assess the effectiveness of these materials and consider the potential of the IAW in enhancing secondary mathematics teaching. The researchers worked with mathematics teachers from 10 partner schools who met regularly with the research team and helped with the assessment of the materials. A number of mathematics lessons of these teachers were video recorded and analysed.

Project details



Mr Dave Miller, Keele University

Grant amount and duration

1 April 2002 – 1 April 2004



Enhancing mathematics teaching through new technology: The use of the Interactive whiteboard. Final report, David Miller and Professor Derek Glover, 2007

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