Curriculum development at Nuffield - further reading

More information about each of the projects can be found by following the links on the right hand side of the pages about individual projects. A full list of all the project is available on the curriculum projects page.

Science Teaching Project bibliography

Professor Arthur Lucas, former Professor of Science Curriculum Studies, later Principal of King's College London has provided a Nuffield Science Teaching Project bibliography (Word )

National STEM Centre eLibrary

Materials for many of our curriculum projects are available to download from the National STEM Centre eLibrary. Pages about individual projects have links to the relevant sections of the STEM Centre website.

Books about curriculum development at Nuffield

1. Social Pressures and Curriculum Innovation: A Study of the Nuffield Foundation Science Teaching Project by Mary Waring 

Published by Methuen young books (Jan 1979)

ISBN-10: 0416707904
ISBN-13: 978-0416707908

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2. Understanding Practice in Primary Science by Patrica Murphy

Using evidence from Nuffield Foundation research, this book informs teachers and other educators of the consequences that different teaching approaches and pedagogic choices have on learning. 

ISBN: 9780335213139
ISBN10: 0335213138

Available to purchase from Open University Press

3. Challenge and change: a history of the Nuffield A-level Physics Project by Keith Fuller and David Malvern

Published by the Institute of Education, University of Reading November 2010. 

Available to download in full from the University of Reading Central Archive (CentAUR)