Contemporary Fathers in the UK

Despite growing research interest, fathers are still ‘missing figures’ in most UK family research. As a result, traditional gender roles risk being reinforced, with mothers overburdened with caregiving mothers responsibilities and fathers with earning.  Failing to include fathers in the UK family research is likely to compromise health, education, and family services.

Between 2014-2017, the Nuffield Foundation funded the Fatherhood Institute to compile and critically review research on fathers and fatherhood. This original project, titled Contemporary Fathers in the UKpublished three influential reviews.

The Fatherhood Institute is now embarking on stage two of the project. This will involve:

  • systematically updating their Literature Library that categorises the UK research evidence on fatherhood and making this available to the wider research community.
  • undertaking two additional reviews, focusing on fathers in the post-natal period and on the links between fathering and child outcomes into young adulthood.
  • and disseminating their research findings to provide an evidence-base for policy and public debates around fatherhood in the UK.
Project Details



Adrienne Burgess, Fatherhood Institute

Rebecca Goldman

Dr Jeremy Davies, Fatherhood Institute

Grant amount and duration


July 2019 – March 2022