Student parents and women's education

This funding stream has now closed

We are no longer accepting new proposals for research projects on student parents and women's education. However, some projects are ongoing and we plan to hold an event in late 2015 to present findings from all our recent studies of student parents.

Student parents, the large majority of whom are women, face significant barriers to accessing and completing education courses.

Information about student parents is limited because institutions are not required to collect relevant data, but we know they face a range of challenges around combining their parental and educational responsibilities. 

The projects we have funded in this area were designed to address some of these challenges. More information is available by clicking on the links listed under our work in this area

Please note that we do not award grants to individual women in higher education for help with the costs of caring for children or adult relatives with special needs.

Elizabeth Nuffield Educational Fund

Our work on student parents is a progression from the work previously funded under the Elizabeth Nuffield Educational Fund, which is now closed. Information about the programme is available on the Elizabeth Nuffield Educational Fund page.