Speech and language impairment

We have supported several projects focussed on children with speech and language impairments and the effectiveness of interventions designed to address these. 

We have funded a team at the University of York to assess whether interventions to address pre-school oral language delay can improve children's response to literacy teaching. This has led to the development of the Nuffield Early Language Intervention.

We are supporting work exploring how children's understanding of sound, word structure and grammar impact on their progress in reading and spelling. Another current project aims to develop a new test to screen for literacy difficulties in pre-schoolers.

We have also supported work targeted at older children (at Key Stages 3-4), in particular the ELCISS project, which investigated the effectiveness of two speech and language therapy interventions. The findings from the research have informed training programmes for staff on different ways of supporting language and communication in secondary schools.

Professor Gina Conti-Ramsden's fascinating longitudinal study looked at the educational and social outcomes of young people with speech and language impairments and provided valuable data on a cohort of children from the ages of seven to eighteen.