Services for people with communication disabilities in Uganda

This project aimes to support the development of Ugandan tutors on the speech and language therapy course at Makerere University in Uganda. 

The course began in 2008 and there have been three intakes to date, totalling 20 students. Teaching is provided mainly by VSO volunteers. This project will fund the development of the additional skills needed by the Ugandan course tutors and the newly qualified graduates to enable them to develop services and support each other and future graduates.

Training will take place three times a year, delivered by staff from Manchester Metropolitan University and supplemented by other experts in the field of speech and language therapy and development. The trainers will offer mentoring support during their visits but also through email and Skpe. The key content of the training has been established, but there will be space to amend it and include additional topics that may arise in the course of graduates putting training into practice.

Project details


Grant holder

Dr Julie Marshall, Manchester Metropolitan University

Funding programme

Africa Programme

Grant amount and duration


September 2011 - June 2013