Primary education

We fund projects designed to improve policy and practice across all aspects of primary education.

Details of individual projects relating to primary education, including their outputs where available, can be found by clicking on the relevant link in the Our work in this area section of this page.

We have a separate funding programme in Early Years Education and Childcare.

Funding priorities
  • Initiatives aimed at improving the quality of teaching in primary schools, and those that develop or test innovative methods of teaching and learning.
  • Projects focused on how children acquire the foundations of mathematical and scientific understanding, and the implications of this for resources, pedagogy and assessment.
  • Projects that examine the effects of the home environment, parental involvement, family learning programmes, and related contexts on children’s learning, and on subsequent educational, social and behavioural outcomes.
  • Projects designed to address the specific needs of different groups of children who might be considered disadvantaged - or at risk - in terms of their cognitive, communicative or language skills and their social or behavioural development.
  • Design, development and evaluation of interventions.
Further information

Full details about the priorities and criteria for research and innovation grants in primary education, along with information about the application process is available in the apply for funding section.