Primary education

We are looking for proposals relating to aspects of primary education, addressing where possible the implications for policy and practice. 

We are particularly interested in proposals that do one or more of the following: 

  • Relate to initiatives aimed at improving the quality of teaching in primary schools.
  • Relate to innovative methods of teaching and learning in primary schools.
  • Promote the development of the language and literacy competence required through primary school into secondary school.
  • Focus on how children acquire the foundations of mathematical and scientific understanding, and the implications of this for curriculum, resources, pedagogy and assessment.
  • Examine critically and rigorously the effects of the home environment, parental involvement, family learning programmes, and related contexts on children’s learning, and on subsequent educational, social and behavioural outcomes.
  • Address the specific needs of different groups of children who might be considered disadvantaged - or at risk - in terms of their cognitive, communicative or language skills and their social or behavioural development.
  • Undertake pre-trial conceptualisation, design, development and piloting of novel interventions, that have the potential to progress to decisive controlled trials at a later stage.
  • Undertake controlled trials and evaluations, where there is a particularly creative and original intervention idea which has already been subjected to formal pre-trial development work. 
Early Years Education and Childcare

Projects relating to education and childcare prior to children starting primary school are now funded by our Early Years Education and Childcare programme, which replaces and extends our 'Foundations for learning' theme.

Some of the criteria listed above are also relevant to our Early Years Education and Childcare programme, and it may be that proposals straddle the two programmes. We are happy to receive such proposals and they can be submitted to either programme. 

Interested in applying?

For information about submitting an application see our how to apply page.