Payments and administration

Before you start your project, you should attend your local Induction Event. You will be sent details about this by your Coordinator. At this, it will be made clear what payments you can expect over the summer. You will also be asked to sign a Student Agreement explaining your role and responsibilities over the summer.

The more organised you are in submitting your travel expenses, the quicker you will receive them. Please keep to the deadlines you are given by your Coordinator.

Please note: Travel expenses are limited to £300 per student for the duration of your placement. Anything above this amount will not be reimbursed. We are unable to reimburse travel expenses for any students who choose to undertake a project out of region.

In order to get reimbursed for your travel expenses, you need to log your weekly costs and upload the relevant receipts using the application system. You will only receive payment for your travel if you have logged your expenses and provided the necessary evidence within your online account.

Click here to access your account and log your travel expenses