Young people’s subject choices - influences and impact

01 December 2017

What influences students’ decisions about subject choice at school? And what impact do these choices have on their access to higher education?

The Nuffield Foundation hosted a seminar which discussed what the research evidence can tell us about how students make decisions about which subjects to study, and the impact those choices have on their outcomes.

Chaired by Professor Anna Vignoles, the seminar took place on Wednesday 29 November 2017 and brought together findings from three Nuffield-funded studies:

  1. Socio-economic status and subject choice at 14: do they interact to affect university access? Jake Anders, Senior Research Fellow in Education, Evaluation and Inequality, UCL Institute of Education  Read more
  2. What can we learn from studies of pairs of twins about subject and other study choices? Kathryn Asbury, Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader for the MSc Psychology in Education, University of York  Read more  
  3. Does providing young people with information about future earnings influence post-16 subject choices? Peter Davies, Professor of Education, University of Birmingham  Read more

Presentations were followed by a panel discussion featuring:

Download full seminar programme (PDF)

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