Mathematics education

We are committed to improving mathematics education for all. We have been involved in shaping mathematics education in the UK since our Primary Mathematics programme of the 1960s and 1970s.

Research and development
We fund innovative research and development in mathematics education. Recent projects include the book and website Key Ideas in Teaching Mathematics, and two international comparisions of attainment: Is the UK an outlier? and Towards universal participation in post-16 mathematics. These and other studies can be found in the Our work in this area section of this page. 

We have also published our own reports on post-16 mathematics education. The 2014 report Mathematics after 16: the state of play, challenges and ways ahead focuses on the risks of reforms to the goal of achieving universal participation in post-16 maths. Our 2012 report, Mathematics in A level assessments, analysed the mathematics embedded in a range of A level subjects.

If you are interested in applying for funding for a maths project, please see the apply for funding section for full information about our funding criteria and details of how to apply.

Teaching and learning
Our mathematics teaching and learning projects provide free resources for teachers. For example we provide classroom-ready resources to support teaching and assessment of the key processes of mathematics at Key Stages 3 and 4 (AMP).

We also support Free Standing Maths Qualifications (FSMQs) to enable students to study specific areas of mathematics appropriate to their need, and an AS/A level in the Use of Maths for students to want to learn how to apply advanced mathematics.

Our work in this area

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Mathematics education

Applying Mathematical Processes (AMP)

Classroom-trialled resources to support teachers in their teaching and assessment of key processes of mathematics. 

Free-standing Mathematics Qualifications (FSMQs)

Three levels of maths qualifications available for all post-16 students. 

AS Use of Maths

Ideal for those who do not intend to study maths to GCE A level, but who want to learn how to apply advanced mathematics.

Nuffield Research Placements

We offer summer work placements for KS5 maths and science students