Information for grant-holders

The information on this page is for those who have been awarded a grant from the Nuffield Foundation. 

Guide for grant-holders

This guide is designed to help current grant-holders manage their grant. It clarifies our expectations and requirements, both in terms of the administration of the grant, and also in relation to outputs and dissemination.

Terms and conditions

This document sets out the Nuffield Foundation's standard Terms and conditions for research grants. The principal investigator, co-investigators, and the host institution are bound by these. 

Interim report form

Interim reports are short updates we require during the course of the project which are for internal use by the Foundation. The number and timing of Interim reports will be set out in your Confirmation of award letter. 

Change request form

If you want to make a change to your project, you need to complete the Change request form and email it to your Grant Administrator. The Guide for grant-holders details what constitutes a change. 

End of project assessment

If you have received a grant from us, you will need to complete an End of project assessment once your project is complete, for Foundation staff and Trustees. This is typically requested about six months after your grant ends, and the due date will be set out in your Confirmation of award letter.