Fostering medical research in Malawi

This project will enable undergraduate medical students from the University of Malawi College of Medicine to gain experience in research. Forty Malawian students will particpate in the project over a three year period. One group will attend the University of Liverpool for one month to gain an understanding of the potential applications of frontier advances in clinical science to health problems in Malawi. A second group will carry out research projects in Malawi. 

It is hoped the project will help grow a cohort of Malawian doctors who see academic medicine as attractive early in their careers and who will go on to pivotal roles in health research that are opening up nationally and regionally. It is part of a wider training and professional development programme for Malawian undergraduates taking place that will create mentoring and networking links to guide and support the Malawian participants through their careers.

Project details


Grant holder

Dr Melitta Gordon, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, University of Liverpool

Funding programme

Africa Programme

Grant amount and duration


October 2010 - September 2013