Education priorities in a forthcoming general election

The UK’s exit from the European Union is likely to be the central debate ahead of the forthcoming General Election. Although education remains a relatively high priority for the electorate, there is a real risk that it will struggle to register as a priority while the implications of Brexit continue to dominate the political landscape.

To address this issue, the Education Policy Institute (EPI) will produce a high-quality briefing on education for policy-makers, politicians, and the wider public. Briefings will be based on the wide portfolio of existing research by the EPI and other credible research institutes.

There is a need for evidence-driven policy assessing the implications of each main party’s commitments to education and spotlighting overlooked issues, particularly issues regarding already vulnerable or disadvantaged students throughout England. This project aims to increase public understanding of the key challenges in education and provide an independent, evidence-based assessment.

The project aims to do the following:

  • Set out the key priorities in education which any government taking office should seek to address.

  • Assess the likely implications and impact of education policies set out in the manifestos of the main political parties.

  • Provide an assessment of how well each party’s manifesto addresses the key challenges in education and highlight the priorities which have been omitted.

By basing this on existing research, this project would be timely while still rooted in high-quality analysis. Findings will be disseminated widely, capitalising on EPI’s success in securing broad coverage from the media and attention from politicians, policy-makers, and the wider public alike.

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Jon Andrews, EPI

Emily Hunt, EPI

Bobbie Mills, EPI

Sam Pither, EPI

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