A suite of GCSE science courses developed in partnership with the University of York

Additional Science

Concepts-led science

C21 ChemistryGCSE Additional Science, when taken together with the GCSE Science course, prepares students for progression to study AS and A-levels in the sciences. By giving emphasis and space to the fundamental concepts in science, it provides a stimulating bridge to advanced study.

Additional Science leads to one GCSE grade, and takes 10% of curriculum time. Because the courses are separate, this may differ from the GCSE Science grade.

There are nine modules. Students study all of them. A module map summarising each module is available below to download. We are grateful to OUP for permission to publish these resources on this website.

This is a list of the modules in the 2006 course. The 2011 modules are similar. See the OCR 2011 specification.