Seed corn grants awarded

Project title 



Citizenship in a networked age 

Dr Dominic Burbidge

Canterbury Institute

The Center for a Better Web

Alex Krasodomski-Jones

Centre for the Analysis of Social Media, Demos  

Referendums and political legitimacy: evidence from four European countries

Dr Sergiu Gherghina

University of Glasgow

Fostering multi-disciplinary approaches to evidence use across public services

Cat Scutt

Chartered College of Teaching

Improving the pathways for the uptake of robust evidence

Prof. Stephen Gorard

Durham University

The impact of audit institutions on public sector performance

Dr Thomas Elston

University of Oxford

Risk: Interconnecting risks of mental health problems in today’s young people

Dr Julian Edbooke-Childs 

Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families

Universities and national security: Research and policy collaborations

Prof. Liam Francis Gearon

University of Oxford 

Technology facilitated domestic abuse: Towards multidisciplinary enquiry

Prof. Elizabeth Yardley

Birmingham City University

Investigating the impact of datafied child welfare services

Dr Joanna Redden

Cardiff University

What do we need to do outside school to improve outcomes and narrow the gap? 

Jon Andrews

Education Policy Institute

Access to Advice: Size of the sector through secondary sources

Lindsey Poole

Advice Services Alliance

A social and data science approach to enhancing societal security

Dr Susan Anson

Trilateral Research

Delegation and acceptance of decisions taken by algorithms or by humans

Dr Wolfgang Luhan

University of Portsmouth

Exploring well-being and engagement with the hidden children’s workforce

Dr Sarah Parry

Manchester Metropolitan University

What do we need to do outside school to improve outcomes and narrow the gap?

Jon Andrews

Education Policy Institute