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Final volume

Hagell A Changing Adolescence: Social Trends and Mental Health, Bristol: Policy Press 



Briefing papers published by the Nuffield Foundation

Changing Adolescence: Introducing the final report, Ann Hagell, Nuffield Foundation 2012 (PDF)

Time Trends in Adolescent Well-being: Update December 2009, Ann Hagell, Nuffield Foundation 2009 (PDF)

Time trends in parenting and outcomes for young people, Ann Hagell, Nuffield Foundation 2009 (PDF)

Time trends in adolescent well-being, Ann Hagell, Nuffield Foundation 2004 (PDF)




Journal articles, books and other resources

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Please note this is a working paper and is undergoing revision. It is not for citation in current form.

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Background information

Adolescent Mental Health Initiative, a leaflet giving an overview of the programme and the six commissioned research reviews 

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