Nuffield Resources for Learning 1966

Directors: I McMullen then LC Taylor 

This project was intended to supplement the Chemistry, Physics and Biology projects, exploring methods of learning rather than focussing on resource production.

It was envisaged that classroom time would be largely taken up with practical work, with theoretical work to be covered in homework.

The Nuffield inquiry approach was summarised in this project as:

  • problem, introduced by the teacher;
  • hypotheses, suggested by the pupils; and 
  • experiment, designed and carried out by the pupils.  

Independent learning and student/teacher interaction

In some topics students would work independently for part of the time, singly or in pairs. The teacher was to circulate constantly, discussing ideas and experiments, taking care to have an active role in their pupils’ learning. Pilot schools reported that independent learning resulted in more interchange between the teacher and pupils than in a conventional class.

Class discussion was also encouraged, as long as the teacher could ensure that all members of the group participated. 


A small number of Biology resources – Biology for the Individual – were produced to exemplify the approach.