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Support for at-risk academics

The Nuffield Foundation supports the Council for at-risk Academics (CARA), in its work with academics in the Middle East and Turkey whose research has been interrupted or who have been forced to leave their home country, due to civic disruption or war.

The Foundation has set aside resources to contribute to the salary costs of three or four CARA-identified academics in any one calendar year. This support will only be available for projects for which the Foundation has already agreed or is considering a full funding application, and where the project team, with the support of its institution, has approached the Foundation with an application for a CARA-identified academic to join their team.

Any project which passes the outline application phase can be considered for supplementary funding for such a post either during preparation of the full application or once a grant has been agreed.

The Foundation’s decision to fund any project depends solely on a judgement as to its quality and relevance. The presence of a CARA academic on a funding application will not be a factor in the decision whether or not to fund it.

The amount of funding per post will be in line with rates established by CARA. The maximum Nuffield contribution for each academic will be £25,000. The institution applying for funds will be expected to contribute in kind to the support of the academic.

The Foundation will only consider applications through the grant holders or shortlisted applicants. It is not able to consider requests for funding for CARA academics on projects which are not Nuffield-funded.


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