Funding Clinical Negligence Cases: acces to justice at reasonable cost?

This research assessed the validity of the claims that the cost of clinical negligence claims is rising and that funding arrangements such as 'no win no fee' will protect access to justice without the need for legal aid.

The project examined:

  • trends in clinical negligence claims in comparison to toher personal injury areas
  • the role of funding mechanisms in determining who makes clinical negligence claims, the types of claim and claim outcomes
  • the potential effects on clinical negligence claims of reforms to civil procedure (the Jackson reforms) that will accompany the Government's proposals.

Drawing on three key datasets: the CRU claims database, the NHSLA's claims database and a bespoke MORI survey of individuals, the research also provided data for benchmarking future effects of these reforms.

Project details



Professor Paul Fenn, Business School, Nottingham University

Funding programme

Law in Society

Grant amount and duration


Jul 12 - Jun 14