Commissioning group

The commissioning group, chaired by Professor Sir Michael Rutter, oversees the programme. The group was responsible for the commissioning of the original research reviews and acts by delegation from the Trustees.

Professor Sir Michael Rutter
Chair and former Nuffield Foundation Trustee

Professor Andrew Pickles
Professor of Epidemiology and Social Studies, University of Manchester

Professor Robert Sampson
Chair, Department of Sociology and Henry Ford II Professor of the Social Sciences, Harvard

Anne Sofer
Former Nuffield Foundation Trustee and ex-Chair of the National Children’s Bureau

Professor Hilary Steedman
Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Economic Performance, LSE

Sir David Watson
Lifelong Education and International Development, Institute of Education and Nuffield Foundation Trustee

Professor Dieter Wolke
Department of Psychology and Health Science Research Institute, University of Warwick

Sharon Witherspoon
Deputy Director, Nuffield Foundation

Dr Ann Hagell
Programme Director, Changing Adolescence Programme, Nuffield Foundation