Cognition, financial literacy and the ageing process in Scotland

This project extended the pilot survey of Healthy AGeing In Scotland (HAGIS) in order to investigate the interaction of cognition and financial literacy and how these relate to the ageing process.

The pilot received initial funding from the US National Institute on Ageing and the grant from the Foundation was used to increase the survey size from 400 to 1000 individuals, thus enabling some statistically significant comparisons. 

By building in appropriate comparisons with the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing, the extended pilot allows examination of the effects of the different populations and policies on outcomes that may diverge under devolution.

In addition, the research team will be able to link the survey data with older peoples’ health and educational administrative records to investigate how present outcomes relate to past events (something that is not possible in England).

The survey will establish a high-quality data resource which can be used to address the economic, social and health problems faced by older people in Scotland.