Science education

We are interested in supporting research and development projects designed to improve policy and practice in the teaching and learning of science.

We are particularly interested in proposals that address one or more of the following themes:

  • How children acquire the foundations of scientific understanding in the early years and through primary school, and the implications of this for curriculum, resources, pedagogy and assessment.
  • How specific curricula, resources, pedagogies, and approaches to assessment influence students' understanding of science through the secondary school phase.
  • Issues of transition relating to secondary science education, in particular the relationship with primary education; subject and qualification choices and pathways; factors affecting participation in science education at different ages and stages including transition into further and higher education and other post-compulsory routes. 
  • The promotion of, and support for, quantitative skills and statistical literacy in young scientists.
  • The gender dimensions of all of the above.

For information about submitting an application see our how to apply page.