Vulnerable migrants and wellbeing: A pilot study

This pilot project is the first step in examining the wellbeing of vulnerable migrants (asylum seekers, undocumented migrants) to the UK, on whom there is an almost complete lack of data. 

It will investigate the analytical potential of an unexplored dataset that records information about vulnerable migrants including demographic information, self-reported health, wellbeing and living conditions as well as the outcomes of a clinical examination recording actual health. The data, from over 8,000 migrants, has been collected at a clinic-based advocacy programme run by Doctors of the World UK that provides care, information and practical support to vulnerable people (a majority of which are undocumented migrants and failed asylum seekers).

Results from this pilot project will start to outline the wellbeing profile of a highly vulnerable population and examine the data’s wider potential to identify the needs of vulnerable migrants and inform policymakers, funders and commissioners of services.