The UK's Changing Union

This project aims to connect the debates on territorial-constitutional matters in the four countries of the UK, and to make a seminal contribution to the deliberations of the Commission on Welsh Devolution (or Silk Commission) that has recently been established by the UK government.

There project has three work strands:

1. A Forum to be led and organised by the Wales Governance Centre, tracking and informing the constitutional debate as it develops from 2012 to 2015. The Forum will draw together a group of academics, politicians and other practitioners. 

2. Three Working Groups to shadow – and feed into – the Silk Commission process:

  • Finance and Funding Working Group, to be Chaired by former Assembly Member and Welsh Finance Minister, Andrew Davies.
  • Jurisdiction Working Group, to be Chaired by Emyr Lewis, Senior Fellow in Welsh Law at Cardiff University.
  • A Working Group Chaired by former Member of Parliament and Assembly Member Cynog Dafis, which will focus on Scrutiny, Accountability, Capacity and the Extent of Devolved Powers.

3. Engagement with wider civil society in Wales and the other nations of the UK, for example though media partners, citizenship organisations and a specialist Youth Initiative.

Project details



Lleu Williams, Wales Governance Centre, Cardiff University
Institute of Welsh Affairs

Tomorrow Wales/Cymru

Grant amount and duration


April 2012 - November 2015



Professor Roger Scully (2013) Attitudes of young people towards devolution in Wales

Size Matters: making the National Assembly more effective (2013)