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General Election 2017

Researchers: Paul Johnson | Professor Jagjit Chadha ...

Project overview

Institute for Fiscal Studies General Election 2017 analysis

We have awarded a grant of £68,796 to the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) to respond fully and efficiently to the General Election debate. This will include publishing analysis of the party manifestos of the Labour and Conservative parties, producing briefing notes on key election issues relating to public spending policies, and responding to significant themes in the pre-election debate as and when they arise.

All election-related analysis from the IFS is available on its dedicated microsite, providing an easily accessible destination for the media and voters. The materials will also be promoted via social media channels to ensure they have the maximum impact on public debate. The IFS will seek to engage directly with voters via a series of Facebook live Q&A sessions.

Go to the IFS General Election 2017 website >>

Full Fact’s General Election fact-checking

We have awarded a grant of £40,000 to Full Fact to undertake fact-checking claims made during the election campaign. Full Fact will promote their fact-checking directly to voters via their website and social media. They will also work with media outlets to get information out to the public as widely as possible. Where incorrect claims are made, Full Fact will seek corrections from campaigners and media outlets.

Full Fact will also provide impartial content that provides answers to the questions voters are searching for online. Full Fact will work with key stakeholders to improve the quality of information in public debate, including the Office for National Statistics (ONS), specialist research organisations such as the IFS, the Nuffield Trust, the National Foundation for Educational Research, the Migration Observatory, and the UK in a Changing Europe project.

National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) election briefing and analysis

We have awarded a grant of £43,780 to NIESR for the production of briefings on topics including the economic landscape, regional inequality, infrastructure investment, and the NHS.

All of these briefings will be available on the NIESR website >>

Latest on this project


  • Paul Johnson
    Institute for Fiscal Studies
  • Professor Jagjit Chadha
    National Institute of Economic and Social Research
  • Will Moy
    Full Fact

  • Alex Beer
    Senior Consultant, Welfare
    Nuffield Foundation

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