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Asylum policies in Europe and the refugee crisis

Researchers: Dr Francesco Fasani | Dr Tommaso Frattini

Project overview

The current refugee crisis has triggered a variety of uncoordinated policy reactions across European countries. These policies may have several intended and unintended consequences, which are not well understood and have not yet been the focus of sufficient research.

This project will use multiple data sets from the UK and across Europe to investigate three specific aspects of the interplay between asylum policies and refugees’ outcomes:

  • The influence of border control policies on the composition, size and direction of migrant and refugee flows, and the impact on the migration-related risk of death.
  • The impact of different asylum and refugee policies on refugees’ socio-economic integration in the host countries.
  • The feedback into policy-making through the effect of refugee flows on natives’ voting behaviour.

The project will assess the effectiveness of asylum policies in reaching their stated objectives, but will also investigate other unintended, but potentially relevant, longer term consequences. The combined findings will provide policy-relevant evidence on the role of asylum policies.


  • Dr Francesco Fasani
    Queen Mary, University of London
  • Dr Tommaso Frattini
    University of Milan

  • Alex Beer
    Senior Consultant, Welfare
    Nuffield Foundation
  • Director, Welfare
    Nuffield Foundation

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