Our policies

Bribery policy

The Nuffield Foundation is committed to maintaining high ethical standards and tries to conduct all its work not only in accord with relevant legislation but to meet best practice in charity governance and to maintain its reputation for ethical probity...[read full bribery policy]

Complaints policy

The Foundation tries to work in a constructive way with grant holders, external stakeholders and others; however disagreements sometimes occur...[read full complaints policy]

Conflicts of interest guidance

This guidance details what constitutes a conflict of interest, the disclosure process, and the action taken by the Foundation when a conflict of interest arises...[read full conflicts of interest guidance]

Cookie policy

Cookies are small data files which are stored on your device and which record your visit to the website...[read full cookie policy]

Green policy

Our own work aims to improve social well-being by funding research and innovation in education and social policy. However, within our own organisation, we also wish to contribute to society by cutting carbon emissions and contributing to the dialogue on climate change...[read full green policy]

Living wage policy

The Nuffield Foundation is a Living Wage Employer, accredited by the Living Wage Foundation...[read full Living wage policy]

Privacy policy

We will always state clearly why we are collecting personal data, what we will do with it and how long we will keep it...[read full privacy policy]

Responsible investing policy

The Nuffield Foundation exists to improve people's lives, and their ability to participate in society, by understanding the social and economic factors that affect their chances...[read full responsible investing policy]