Longitudinal and life courses studies

This grant supported the development of a new peer reviewed journal designed to communicate the findings of longitudinal and life course studies. Longitudinal and Life Course Studies is published quarterly and is available to download free of charge from the website of the Society for Longitudinal and Life Course Studies (SLLS). It has been enthusiastically received by academics, policy-makers and practitioners alike. 

What are longitudinal and life course studies? 
Longitudinal and life course studies embrace an expanding field of research that involves follow-up of people across the whole or part of their lives. Such research contributes especially to the understanding of developmental processes, including ageing, and spans academic disciplines in the social, economic, psychological and biological, sciences. 

Papers are sought reporting research and methodological development on topics including:

  • Studies of the processes of development and ageing including gene-environment interaction.
  • Social, cognitive and economic returns to education. 
  • Origins and consequences of disabling conditions.
  • Life course outcomes of early intervention. 
  • Origins and consequences of social exclusion. 
  • Comparisons of processes and outcomes over time, between generations, cohorts and countries and between studies. 

More information about form and content of submissions is available on the SLLS website

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Professor John Bynner, Longview, London

Grant amount and duration

1 October 2008 - 30 September 2011

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Guardian article by John Bynner and Harvey Goldstein (9 May 2012): 

Open access publishing should not favour those with deep pockets