The impact of anti-social behaviour interventions on young people

This research examines how ASB-related interventions for young people and their families direct young people away from and/or draw them into the youth justice system. Three key interventions - ASB warnings, Acceptable Behaviour Contracts and Anti-Social Behaviour Orders – will be studied in the context of wider prevention and support work and also family change and youth transitions.

The research will generate empirically-grounded understandings of decision-making processes and any differential impacts by mapping routes into, through, and away from youth justice; examining practitioners’ views about using ASB interventions with different groups of young people; investigating the experiences of interventions as described by young people and their families; and exploring all explanations for any differences in use, experience or impact of interventions by place, ethnicity, gender and age.

The study will collect quantitative and qualitative data from 6 purposively-selected areas with high concentrations of minority ethnic residents and well-developed ASB monitoring systems.  

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Professor Adam Crawford, Leeds University

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1 April 2008



Crawford A., Lewis S., Traynor P. (2012)  Anti-Social Behaviour Interventions with Young People. Research Findings, Leeds: CCJS Press