Finding solutions to social, health and nutritional problems in the UK

The Food Foundation is an independent organisation that aims to present solutions to government and the private sector to address the growing challenges facing the UK’s food system. It aims to develop, propose and promote modern food policies that are better for consumers and the food system as a whole.

Rising prices, increased global demand, and reduction in productive land have all contributed to new and increasing challenges to the UK’s public policy on food. The Food Foundation will examine these challenges from a consumer, health, education, sustainable production and environmental perspective and present new policies and ideas to government and industry.

The organisation shapes food policies through research and analysis; promotes a greater public understanding of the food system; and brings people together to learn, share knowledge and debate the issues facing our food system. As food policy is too important an issue for one section of the private, public or voluntary sector to address alone, the foundation acts as an open and independent forum for debate and dialogue. 

The Food Foundation’s vision is to build a consensus around policies that address the challenging consumer and market environment in food. They want to change the relationship that the UK has  with food, and ensure that the key players in the food sector respond effectively to the changes facing our food system.