The dissemination of lessons from research to the Judiciary

The judiciary play a central role in shaping outcomes for families and children who encounter the family justice system. It is therefore important that the judiciary are able to access and utilise research and data concerned with patterns and trends in outcomes, so that they can situate their decision making in a wider understanding of these outcomes.

This small scale project therefore aims to undertake work with the judiciary to:

  • Identify and document existing arrangements and mechanisms for disseminating research to the judiciary and provide an analysis of the relative strengths and weaknesses of these existing arrangements.
  • Stimulate discussions that provide an insight into the research literacy of the judiciary, through the use of contested or emerging areas of child welfare research.
  • Produce both a report of findings and a short guide for the judiciary that sets out an overview of available dissemination opportunities and provides suggestions for the judiciary as to their rigour and use.
  • Inform the Scoping Study for a Family Justice Observatory which is being funded by the Nuffield Foundation, and led by Professor Karen Broadhurst.