Contact problems in separated families

This project was a collaboration between Gingerbread and the University of Oxford  examine how families manage the arrangements for children to spend time with their non-resident parents, and the kinds of difficulties which families encounter.  

The researchers carried out a large national survey of over 550 resident and non-resident parents in the UK to find out what arrangements families make, how these change, and the problems which can affect children's contact with their non-resident parent. They also carried out in-depth interviews with parents and children to find out more about how problems are managed and what effect they have on children.

The research has produced two reports, both by Victoria Peacey (Gingerbread) and Joan Hunt (University of Oxford). In addition to funding the research, the Nuffield Foundation hosted a seminar in March 2009 in order to discuss the findings with policy makers and practitioners.

Project details



Victoria Peacey, Gingerbread

Joan Hunt, University of Oxford

Grant amount and duration


April 2006 - December 2007


April 2007 - March 2009




I'm not saying it was easy....Contact problems in separated families, Vicky Peacey and Joan Hunt, Gingerbread, January 2009

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Problematic contact after separation and divorce, Vicky Peacey and Joan Hunt, Gingerbread, July 2008

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Seminar report and slides

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Download Vicky Peacey presentation slides (Powerpoint)

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