Reports and briefing papers

These are reports published by the Foundation. The list is in date order, with the most recent at the top of the page. Publications published by grant-holders are not included.

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Funding clinical negligence cases: Access to justice at a reasonable cost? (PDF)

Paul Fenn, Alastair Gray, Neil Rickman and Dev Vencappa

Online only

Towards a family justice observatory to improve the generation and application of research (PDF)

Professor Bryan Rodgers (Australian National University), Professor Liz Trinder (University of Exeter) and Teresa Williams (Nuffield Foundation)

October 2015

Printed copies available

Early years education and childcare: lessons from evidence and future priorities (PDF)

Josh Hillman and Teresa Williams

March 2015

Printed copies available

Child maintenance: how would the British public calculate what the State should require parents to pay? (PDF) 

Caroline Bryson, Ira Mark Ellman, Stephen McKay and Joanna Miles

February 2015

Printed copies available

Measuring the impact of GCSE Twenty First Century Science on progression to post-compulsory science courses (PDF).

Matt Homer and Jim Ryder, University of Leeds

Online only

Mathematics after 16: the state of play, challenges and ways ahead (PDF)

Josh Hillman
Research assistance from Vinay Kathotia

July 2014

Printed copies are available

Quality and Inequality: do three and four year olds in deprived areas experience lower quality early years provision? (PDF)

Sandra Mathers and Rebecca Smees

May 2014

Printed copies are available

Which type of parenting programme best improves child behaviour and reading? Follow-up of the Helping Children Achieve trial (PDF)

Stephen Scott, Kathy Sylva, Angeliki Kallitsoglou and Tamsin Ford

May 2014

Printed copies are available

Changing Lifestyles, Keeping Children Safe: an evaluation of the first Family Drug and Alcohol court (FDAC) in care proceedings

FDAC Evaluation Team, Brunel University London

Summary of findings

Full report

May 2014

Online only

Understanding tribunal decision-making: a foundational empirical study (preliminary report), Professor Cheryl Thomas and Professor Dame Hazel Genn

December 2013

Online only

Lone mothers, work and depression, Susan Harkness and Amy Skipp

December 2013

Printed copies are available

Beyond contact: work with families of children placed away from home in four European countries, Janet Boddy, June Statham, Inge Danielsen, Esther Geurts, Hélène Join-Lambert and Sévèrine Euillet

December 2013

Beyond contact briefing paper

Beyond contact full report - published by the University of Sussex

Printed copies of briefing paper available. Full report is online only. 

Parental involvement

Briefing paper
Do parental involvement interventions increase attainment? A review of the evidence, Stephen Gorard and Beng Huat See

Full report
What do rigorous evaluations tell us about the most promising parental involvement interventions? A critical review of what works for disadvantaged children in different age groups, Beng Huat See and Stephen Gorard

November 2013

Online only

Children and young people in gangs: a longitudinal analysis, by Juanjo Medina, Andreas Cebulla, Andy Ross, Jon Shute, and Judith Aldridge

October 2013

Online only

Kids aren’t free; the child maintenance arrangements of single parents on benefits in 2012 by Caroline Bryson, Amy Skipp, Janet Allbeson, Eloise Poole, Eleanor Ireland, and Vicky Marsh

June 2013 

Kids aren't free briefing paper

Kids aren't free full report

Printed copies of the briefing paper are available.

Towards universal participation in post-16 mathematics: lessons from high-performing countries (main report)

Jeremy Hodgden, Rachel Marks and David Pepper, King's College London. Published by the Nuffield Foundation, January 2013.

Printed copies of the main report are available. Supplementary publications listed below are available online only. 

Technical report
Germany (Rhineland-Palatinate)
Hong Kong
New Zealand
United States (Massachusetts)

Developing policy, principles and practice in primary school science assessment: report from a working group led by Professor Wynne Harlen

July 2012

Primary school science assessment: report from a seminar held at the Nuffield Foundation on 18 September 2012

September 2012

Avilable online only.

Children's understanding of probability: a literature review, Peter Bryant and Terezinha Nunes, University of Oxford

Summary report

Full report

July 2012

Printed copies of the summary are available on request. The full report is online only. 

Mathematics in A level assessments: a report on the mathematical content of A level assessments in Business Studies, Computing, Economics, Geography, Psychology and Sociology

April 2012

Printed copies available.

The Governance & Financial Management of Endowed Charitable Foundations

The Nuffield Foundation co-funded and commissioned this report, which was published by the Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF) in April 2012.

Printed copies available.

Social trends and mental health: introducing the main findings from the Changing Adolescence Programme

Ann Hagell, March 2012

Printed copies available.

Global grant-making: a review of UK foundations' funding for international development

Cathy Pharoah and Lynda Bryant, November 2011

Printed copies available.

Young witnesses in criminal proceedings: A progress report in Measuring up?

Joyce Plotnikoff and Richard Woolfson, Lexicon Limited, Nuffield Foundation, June 2011. 

Printed copies available.

Is the UK an outlier? An international comparison of upper secondary mathematics education

Dr Jeremy Hodgen and David Pepper, King’s College London; Linda Sturman and Graham Ruddock from the National Foundation for Educational Research, Nuffield Foundation 2010

We have also published the evidence base for the report:

An international comparison of upper secondary mathematics: 24 Country Profiles

Available online only. 

Capacity for change: A review of the Nuffield foundation Commonwealth Programme 

Sarah Lock, Nuffield Foundation 2010

Printed copies available.

Evidence for accountability: using evidence in the audit, inspection and scrutiny of UK government 

Dr Ruth Levitt, Professor Steve Martin, Professor Sandra Nutley and William Solesbury, Nuffield Foundation 2010

Printed copies available. 

Values and variables: Mathematics education in high-performing countries

Mike Askew, Jeremy Hodgen, Sarmin Hossain and Nicola Bretscher, Nuffield Foundation 2010

Printed copies available.

Assessing Ethics in Secondary Science

M Reiss, Nuffield Foundation 2009

Available online only.

Time Trends in Adolescent Well-being: Update December 2009

Dr Ann Hagell, Nuffield Foundation 2009

Princed copies available.

An invisible revolution? Applied Science in the 14-19 curriculum

Jim Donnelly, Nuffield Foundation 2009

Printed copies available.

Key understandings in mathematics learning, Professor Terezinha Nunes, Professor Peter Bryant and Professor Anne Watson, Nuffield Foundation 2009

This research review offers new insights into mathematics learning from both psychological and practice perspectives. It it is available to download in a number of different formats:

Introduction and summary of findings
Summary papers (summaries of papers 1-8)
Paper 1: Overview
Paper 2: Understanding extensive quantities and whole numbers
Paper 3: Understanding rational numbers and intensive quantities
Paper 4: Understanding relations and their graphical representation
Paper 5: Understanding space and its representation in mathematics
Paper 6: Algebraic reasoning
Paper 7: Modelling, problem-solving and integrating concepts
Paper 8: Methodological appendix
Full review: All 8 papers together in full (1507KB)

Available online only.

Time trends in parenting and outcomes for young people

Dr Ann Hagell, Nuffield Foundation 2009

Printed copies available.

Education for All: The future of education and training for 14-19 year olds, Nuffield Review of 14-19 Education and Training 2009

Download Executive Summary of Education for All

Full report is available to buy from the Routledge website

Other publications, including annual reports, issues papers and information about the Engaging Youth Enquiry are available on the project page

Science education in Europe: Critical Reflections

Jonathan Osborne and Justin Dillon, Nuffield Foundation, Jan 2008

Printed copies available.

Care Matters: A guide to the Carers (Equal Opportunities) Act 2004

Philippa Russell, Nuffield Foundation 2007

Printed copies available.

Law in the Real World: Improving our Understanding of How Law Works, Genn H, Partington M and Wheeler S, Nuffield Foundation 2006

Download Law in the Real World full report

Download Law in the Real World summary report

Printed copies available.

A guide to support for adult learners caring for disabled children or other family members

Philippa Russell, Nuffield Foundation 2005

Online only.

Time Trends in Adolescent Well-being

Dr Ann Hagell, Nuffield Foundation 2004

Available online only.

Family Matters: Work in child protection and family law at the Nuffield Foundation

Nuffield Foundation 2002

Printed copies available.

Languages, Mathematics and the Baccalaureate

Papers arising from a Nuffield foundation Seminar, September 2003 

Available online only. 

Breaking the Mould: Teaching Science for Public Understanding

Jonathan Osborne, Richard Duschl and Robert Fairbrother, Nuffield foundation 2002

Available online only.

UK childcare support for student parents

Judy Jones, Nuffield Foundation 2002

Available online only.

Languages: the next generation

Nuffield Foundation 2000

Printed copies available.

Beyond 2000: Science education for the future

Jonathan Osborne and Robin Millar, Nuffield Foundation 1998

Printed copies available.