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Nuffield Foundation RSS

08 February 2016
The IFS Green Budget 2016, produced in association with ICAEW and funded by the Nuffield Foundation with analysis from Oxford Economics, is published today. This is an extract from the IFS press release. For the full release and to...
03 February 2016
During this parliament the government plans to replace most of the means-tested benefits system for working-age families with a single payment called universal credit (UC). A series of pre-emptive cuts means that introducing UC will in the long run...
29 January 2016
Corporate tax has rarely excited the imagination of the public as much as in recent years. This week Google has become the latest company to attract widespread anger over the amount of tax it has paid in the UK. The sense that there are some big,...
13 January 2016
The growth in lawyers working on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis has removed the financial barrier to pursuing a clinical negligence claim for many people, but a small number of serious cases may be falling through the funding gap, according to...
06 January 2016
The board of trustees is delighted to announce the appointment of influential educator and broadcaster Tim Gardam as the new Chief Executive of the Nuffield Foundation. Tim is currently Principal of St Anne’s College at the University of...
23 December 2015
The Nuffield Foundation will be closed from Thursday 24 December until Monday 4 January.
14 December 2015
At least one in four women who have lost a child through court order will return to the family court in relation to a subsequent child. For women who were teenagers at the birth of their first child, this figure increases to one in three....
10 December 2015
Human rights researcher Professor Todd Landman will launch a project that aims to share and promote the hard facts about human rights through podcasting today (International Human Rights Day). The project is funded by the Nuffield Foundation....
07 December 2015
A student from the Nuffield Foundation’s Oliver Bird Rheumatism Programme has been instrumental in a new study which indicates that arthritic cartilage, previously thought to be impenetrable to therapies, could be treated by a patient’s...
30 November 2015
Confusion over what people mean when they describe science, technology and medicine as ‘unnatural’ could be causing people to talk at cross purposes, hampering public debates, says the Nuffield Council on Bioethics today. Ideas about...
30 November 2015
A new research study launched on 30 November 2015 identifies the key factors that influence how well children in care do in schools in England. The fact that most children in care lag behind their peers in their educational achievement has long been...
25 November 2015
Low earning renters stand to lose the most from planned reforms to state pensions and long-term care if they are not protected, according to a new report from the Care and State Pension Reform (CASPeR) research team and funded by the Nuffield...
25 November 2015
The House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee, in its report A Fracturing Union?, argues that the process for determining the fiscal framework for Scottish tax and welfare devolution is flawed and that its design principles may not be workable and...
02 November 2015
Nuffield-funded neuroscientist Sarah-Jayne Blakemore of University College London (UCL) has been awarded the 2015 Klaus J. Jacobs Research Prize in recognition of her ground-breaking achievements in child and youth development. Until about 15 years...
23 October 2015
A major study of judicial review funded by the Nuffield Foundation has contradicted Government claims that the process is widely abused, of little value to claimants and a burden on public bodies. Contrary to statements made by former Justice...
20 October 2015
The Nuffield Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Anna Vignoles to its Board of Trustees. Professor Vignoles is Professor of Education at the University of Cambridge and is a Visiting Professor at the UCL Institute of...
16 October 2015
The Nuffield Foundation is calling for expressions of interest for delivery of a scoping study to develop proposals for the purpose, functions and delivery options for a family justice observatory. The estimated budget is £100-£150k, and...
15 October 2015
The Nuffield Foundation Trustees are looking for an outstanding individual to lead the Foundation as Chief Executive.  The Chief Executive will have overall responsibility for all the Foundation's activities and budgets and report to...
30 September 2015
Less than a quarter (22%) of children on free school meals in inner London obtained five or more A*–C grades at GCSE or their equivalent (including English and Maths) in 2002. In 2013, this had risen to almost half (48%). Gains were much...
23 September 2015
The significantly higher earnings that graduates in England can expect over those who didn’t study at university, the ‘graduate premium’, has been revealed in detail by a large new study – the first of its kind, funded by the...


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