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Nuffield Foundation RSS

23 January 2015
The coalition government has implemented a set of tax changes which, broadly speaking, have left middle income households better off and have hit high income households. Accompanying benefit changes have reduced the incomes of poorer working age...
22 January 2015
The Nuffield Foundation has awarded a research grant of over £550,000 to the new Centre for Communities and Social Justice (CSJ) at Coventry University to study inequalities in child welfare systems across the UK. Coventry will lead the...
14 January 2015
Young children from socioeconomically disadvantaged areas such as Barking and Dagenham who regularly attend pre-school have significantly higher oral language performance than those who don’t, according to new research led by academics from...
12 January 2015
The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has launched its new election website, funded by the Nuffield Foundation. The website ( features analysis of what has happened over this parliament and the implications of the...
12 January 2015
We are funding several projects designed to help voters make an informed choice in this year's General Election.  IFS Election Briefings The IFS Election Briefings will provide analysis of what has happened over this parliament and the...
09 January 2015
The Nuffield Foundation, Wellcome Trust and the Gatsby Charitable Foundation have urged exams regulator Ofqual to reconsider its plans to remove direct assessment of practical skills from GCSE science.  In a joint letter to Ofqual Chief...
22 December 2014
The Nuffield Foundation will be closed from Wednesday 24 December until Friday 2 January. 
22 December 2014
The Refugee Council has published its Short guide on access to further Education in England for asylum seekers and refugees, part of a project funded by the Foundation.  The information guide deals with with eligibility for courses funded by...
22 December 2014
The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has published the first of its election briefing notes, funded by the Foundation, and analysing the three main parties’ proposed fiscal stances. The IFS outlines how the existence of the independent...
12 December 2014
More school pupils would choose to study maths at A-level if they were given better information about potential earnings, new research shows. A study by the University of Birmingham involving more than 5,000 young people from across England found...
04 December 2014
Aspects of the culture of research in UK higher education institutions (HEIs) can encourage poor research practices and hinder the production of high quality science, according to scientists who took part in a project exploring the ethical...
24 November 2014
Research on what works in school spending finds teaching assistants are effective in supporting low achieving pupils but able girls from poorer backgrounds make the least progress. The study, Spending it Wisely: How can schools use their resources...
19 November 2014
Children with only mild hearing losses are being overlooked in schools, resulting in academic achievement no better than profoundly deaf children, according to a study published today by the University of Edinburgh and funded by the Nuffield...
17 November 2014
Changes to direct taxation and benefits made by the Coalition Government since 2010 have resulted in the poorest losing a greater share of their income than the richest. Overall, these changes have not reduced the deficit because revenue gains were...
10 November 2014
Government is making significant changes to initial teacher training (ITT) in England, with a shift towards school-based training and away from traditional university-based routes. New school-based routes trained around 20% of trainee teachers in...
04 November 2014
Amongst those who go to university, students from less affluent backgrounds are more likely to drop out and less likely to graduate with a first or upper second class degree than their peers from more affluent backgrounds. This is true even amongst...
30 October 2014
Graduates who went to private schools earn substantially more than those who went to state schools. Part of that difference is explained by the fact that, on average, they attend more prestigious universities and study subjects which tend to be more...
28 October 2014
The increase of tuition fees to £9,000 in 2012 was accompanied by a major change to the support for disadvantaged students. Universities were required to provide details of their proposed financial support schemes and access programmes before...
22 October 2014
A report presented to the House of Lords today reveals that free part-time nursery places for three-year-olds enabled some children to do better in assessments at the end of Reception, but overall educational benefits are small and do not last. The...
29 September 2014
A study of family breakdown by Professor Mike Brewer and Dr Alita Nandi at the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex, funded by the Nuffield Foundation, has found that women and children suffer most when couples split...


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