Cape Farewell - Life in the Water

NoorderlichtCape Farewell: Voyage of Discovery is a schools science resource, supported by the Nuffield Foundation, that investigates the science of global warming. 

The Cape Farewell expedition is a voyage of discovery in a sailing schooner, Noorderlicht, to Svalbard in the Norwegian arctic, by scientists, artists and teachers, to promote public understanding of global warming.

This first unit Life In the Water looks at the crucial place of plankton in the Arctic food chain and as indicators of global warming. Video clips and classroom activities have been produced to comply with GCSE Core Science specifications, but with a little adaptation, they are also suitable for all year groups 11- 16.

The resources are available to download free of charge from the Cape Farewell website.

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The Life in the Water resources are available to download from the Cape Farewell website >>

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