University of Edinburgh Q-Step Centre - Summer Conversion Course

Dr Alison Koslowski, the Coordinator of the University of Edinburgh Q-Step Centre, recently ran a very successful two week summer conversion course so that eleven current Year 1 students could transfer onto four new “with QM” degrees in the next 2014/2015 academic year. 

The new Q-Step funded degrees are:

International Relations with Quantitative Methods

Politics with Quantitative Methods

Social Policy with Quantitative Methods

Sociology with Quantitative Methods

This not only signals the keen interest these new degrees have generated in the School of Social and Political Science, but it also means that Alison and her Q-Step team do not have to wait for UCAS and 2015 when the first cohort of Year 1 students enrol.  

Dr Alison Koslowski felt the course went really well, perfectly illustrated by her student’s comments below:

"I realised that I'd seriously underestimated what you could do with quantitative methods"

"It was great to see lecturers be so enthusiastic!"

"An excellent opportunity"

"I particularly liked the lab sessions and the practical working with real data."

"I've actually enjoyed myself!"

"The world is my oyster!"

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