Tony Fordham

Tony Fordham worked with Dr David Onion at the Queen’s Medical Centre at the University of Nottingham investigating oxygen and pH sensing in 3D tumour models using ratiometric fluorescent nanosensors.

The aim of the project was to incorporate fluorescent nanosensors into three-dimensional tumour models to determine how oxygen and pH levels vary throughout the 3D structures and the effect of varying levels of oxygen and pH in on tumour growth and biology. This would ultimately advance the development of models that more accurately represent human tumours, which will be used to select the next generation of chemotherapeutic drugs.

Speaking about the experience, Tony said “The scheme as a whole has helped me consider other opportunities available to me and allowed me to meet people at the forefront of scientific research and share their views on research and development career paths.”

Dr Onion, who also participated in the bursary scheme as a student in 2000 said that the research project “has made a valuable contribution to our overall efforts to develop more fully humanised three-dimensional tumour models. The project has forged a productive collaboration between the School of Clinical Sciences and the School of Pharmacy at the University of Nottingham that will continue to provide value for both sides”.