Tobi Abiola

Tobi Abiola is a student at Cardinal Pole RC School in London.  He spent his summer working at University College London on zebrafish embryo development and neuropathic pain.

Why did you decide to apply for a bursary?
I like sport and science, and was interested in going to university.  I applied for the placement because I was interested in seeing what a future in research might be like - I thought it would be useful to get experience firsthand.  I did not expect to be successful in my application!

Tobi AbiolaHow did you feel on your first day?
I was really excited on the first day.  I spent the first few days with my supervisor being shown how everything works, but the rest of the placement I was working and being proactive.  My supervisors were really supportive and made sure I knew what I was doing.

What did you learn from the experience?
I learnt a lot about biology, and that labs can be really fun. 

My advice to others would be to go for it - it's much more fun than what you might expect.  My friends don't know what they're missing out on!

What do you want to do after you finish school?
Now I definitely want to go to university and do research as a career.

Tobi Abiola