Find out about our education projects and free teaching resources from the links on this page.

We also offer opportunities for school and college students to take part in STEM-related research over their summer holidays through our Nuffield Research Placements.

Our work in education includes funding research and supporting its translation into policy and practice. Our current focus is in science and mathematics, foundations for learning, and secondary education transitions.

In the past, we have worked in other subject areas including D&T, history, and languages, and further information is available on our curriculum projects page.


Practical Work for Learning >>
Teaching resources designed to make science practicals more effective.

Key Ideas in Teaching Mathematics >>
Research-based guidance and classroom activities for maths teachers. 

Applying Mathematical Processes >>
Activities to support the teaching and learning of key mathematical processes.

Free-Standing Mathematics Qualifications >>
Activities using mathematics to solve realistic problems.

Nuffield STEM Futures and Games >>
Cross-curricular projects for 11- to 14-year-olds to apply STEM knowledge and skills to topical problems. 

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What do our research findings mean for teachers?

Research Placements

We arrange summer research placements for students at the end of the first year of a post-16 STEM course.