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Technical support

Pearson Longman

If you need technical assistance with www.newsnab.com or www.snabonline.com then please contact the Pearson Online Support team.

email online.enquiries@pearson.com
tel 01865 888123

Pearson Online Support phone lines are open from 9.00am to 5.00pm (UK time) Monday to Friday.

See notes below. Scroll down for a note on the Heinemann resources.

If you are a teacher you will also find useful help and advice on the SNAB teachers googlegroups forum at http://groups.google.com/group/snab-teachers.

Note about the ActiveBook site license - Pearson Longman say:
When you purchase the SNAB ActiveBook site license, it comes with a VLE pack. Therefore if your school or college is running a VLE the content can be uploaded into here. Depending on how your VLE is set up, this will then allow the students to view the content from home.

If you do not have a VLE pack, the only solution would be to copy the entire contents of the CD-ROM to a share on the server and create a shortcut to the file wrapper.html. Technicians can then provide a link to this shortcut on the Intranet pages. Students must connect to the school or college server, using secure login details, to view this content from outside.

You must not at any time freely upload this content on to the Internet.

If netither of these solutions are suitable, then students will each need a textbook to take home.

Only student handout sheets may be photocopied from the book. The licence agreement does not allow for copies to be made of the book or CD-ROM.