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SNAB for all

A pilot centre teacher writes

"We now have 61 students in year 12 doing SNAB and they are incredibly positive, with most saying that it is their favourite A-level subject.

Many are quite weak in terms of average GCSE points score, with 20 of the 61 being predicted E/U, but they seem to be coping very well and I am confident that the vast majority will exceed their predictions.

Last year our AS students achieved amongst the best value-added in the school again starting with many weak students in terms of average GCSE scores."

Ed's note:
Edexcel statistics from the pilot exams last summer do show that fewer students get a U with SNAB.

At the top end the grade statistics are the same as in other specifications. We do, though, have a number of instances of SNAB students doing especially well at interview (e.g. for medicine) on account of the course content. See what this year's top students are doing Salters prize-winners.