Project provider name: QinetiQ 

Where research placements take place: At a number of QinetiQ sites across the UK (including Malvern and the Kyle of Lochalsh in the Scottish Highlands), but they are usually concentrated at Boscombe Down, Wiltshire and Farnborough, Hampshire.

Website: www.qinetiq.com

How many years has QinetiQ offered placements to students for? 4.

How is the scheme run within QinetiQ?
It is centrally coordinated within England, and devolved to individual QinetiQ sites in Wales and Scotland.

What do you feel the main benefits of the scheme are?
1. Nuffield Research Placement participants are low cost (i.e. externally funded), quality-validated, motivated and highly capable students, capable of real work. Hence they make a real, and cost effective, contribution to the business.

2. Developing potential future recruits.

3. Important Corporate Responsibility and Recruitment PR is gained from being associated with such a highly-respected, excellent-quality scheme.

Would you recommend the scheme to others?
Yes. See the above list of benefits for the reasons why.